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Gwoza Christian Community Association (GCCA) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization which is guided and governed by a constitution. The Association was formed by people of like mind who were determined...

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24/04/2014 - The insurgents attacked Ngoshe town bombing it for several hours but there was no loss of life.

25/04/2014 - The insurgents have camped at Aiga ward in Ngoshe town sending some to nearby villages to terrorize the area, which include Attagara, and Angurua where one Bulama Yakubu was killed. They further spread to a village of Zamga while it was reported that all the security have withdrawn from the area of Gwoza east called Bayan Dutse making them quite vulnerable.

26/04/2014 - The insurgents are reported to have raised their flag at Ashigashiya and patrol the area freely with their arms on their shoulder.

29/04/2014 - The villages from Kiva to Boko - Satu were invaded by the armed insurgents looting all their food-stuff and taking it towards Ashigashiya on over 50 motorcycles they came with.

30/04/2014 - There were still un-visible presence of the army throughout Bayan Dutse (Gwoza East) despite appeals to replace the ones that were removed.
30/04/2014 - Attacks were going on Christian citizens of Ashigashiya burning the EYN church and other neighboring villages like: Valle, Jibrilli, Zamga and Angurva - burning and looting their properties.

07/05/2014 - There were fears of pending attack on Limankara and Ngoshe-sama.
As over 100 motorcycles conveying armed insurgents were sited going up Ngoshe - sama hills.

08/05/2014 - Over 40 pick-up vans conveying insurgents were cited at Lughuva near Gwoza apparently preparing for an attack somewhere.

10/05/2014 - The village of limankara was attacked at about 1:00am after a Leaked information to the Christians that there was going to be an attack that night. They have however burnt all shops and houses belonging to the Christians leaving those of the Muslims. The house of the District Head, the Village Head and a former councilor who were all Christian were burnt. No security was visible anywhere apart from the detachment of the army at the Adamawa side of the area but was chased out that night to Wagga near Madagali.

11/05/2014 - 24 displaced families from Gava-west have arrived Abuja and were taken to Fuka where they were given temporary land to farm. Those that have come with their families including:-

1. Njuwa Ibrahim
2. Shawulu Yohanna
3. Yohanna Musa
4. Mathar Omiga
5. Simon Jacob
6. Mathew Daniel
7. Amos Daniel
8. Zakariya Ali
9. Barka Filibus
10. Yakubu Bitrus
11. Anorawus Zakariya
12. Haruna Yotha
13. Haruna Zanga
14. Dabawa AAudrawus
15. David Adamu
16. Ibrahim Joseph
17. Anubas Yakubu
18. David Yakubu
19. Paul Adamu
20. Haruna Yakubu
21. Ghida Musa
22. Yohanna Talaka
23. Ishaku Dauda
24. Joshua Family
We are awaiting the next batch any moment.

12/05/2014 - The border town of Jibrilli was attacked and four Christians were killed. The victims include; Barnabas, Musa, Ishaku madawa and Iliya Mathew.

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Gwoza Christian Community Association is duely registered in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission. We are a non-profit and non-governmental organization which is guided and governed by a constitution.
The Association was formed by people of like mind who were determined to make their community and humanity at large better than how they met it. Membership is open to all who share our aims and objectives.

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