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Gwoza Christian Community Association (GCCA) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization which is guided and governed by a constitution. The Association was formed by people of like mind who were determined...

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We feel it is appropriate to address the so called National Union of Butchers, Maiduguri Branch for defending its members in the statements formally signed by the Union chairman, Abubakar Ngula and its Secretary General Stephen David which was published in Daily Trust Newspapers on page 4 of Monday 25/11/ 2013 under category of news written by Yahaya Ibrahim as the reporter. They claimed that Gwoza Christian Community Association (GCCA) statements was 'reckless, misguided and capable of injuring the peace of the Abattoir and the state in general'; they quoted a statement in an open letter published in Daily Trust Advertorial page (25) of 11/11/2013 saying that 'Abattoir is a breeding ground for Boko Haram'.

It sounds very illogical for us to get a response from Butchers associations who are not even part of our consideration. The letter was written to Governor Kashim Shettima over the plight of Christians in Gwoza local government, but Since the chairman decided to run to media to claim that the Abattoir can never be a breeding ground for terrorists without even investigating the story, we have decided to reveal the actual reason why we made that statement so that the general public will understand the mischievous activities of the Abattoir members that serve as not only breeding ground for insurgents but training apartment of graduating Boko Haram commanders.

In one of the dangerous battle between Boko Haram members and military men between 2nd - 8th July, 2013 three of prominent known members of Abattoir in Maiduguri were killed by Joint Tax Force in an exchange of fire during operations in mountainous Mandara hills in Gwoza local government. These include JAWANA TADA GWAIVA, USMAN PUKE and BARDAGU VIGA all of Gwavaka village in Gwoza local government. These striking Abattoir giants were confirmed to be Boko Haram Commanding officers before they were killed. Some amongst their command members who were butchers from Maiduguri abattoir, hails from Gwavaka village that were also killed in different operations, include, IKA DAGALE, KWALAKWA WALA, KALAKWA BATE, MUSA TADA, SALEH NDURAKA, YAHAYA UMARU GHUCHA and RUWA SHIHENE.

If the so-called Chairman will glance through his membership records patiently he would come across his active members from Ghraza village in Gwoza local government that were highly experienced in slaughtering human beings using knife before they were killed in an operation. They are, ADAMU ALI, USMAN YAUDE, ABIOLA DAYIKE and SANI DAGWAYA, another were the heartless terrorist in TIGHIZE village whom specialized in slashing throats of innocents people before the military personnel finished them. These throat slashing Abattoir members, MAI ABUBAKAR, BUNI PLAZA, HAMA KADUWE and BASSA GWAYA were all killed in Gwazari Ward Maiduguri and also in the Mountainous Hill in Gwoza.

If the association is ready to verify our claim, they should ask their active Abattoir members from Kunde village in Gwoza local government to tell them what happened to YAHAYA UMARU GHUCHA, PALAMA, JAMA DADIYA and ALI GHIRITA before they were killed by Military men in an operation, The chairman should not have echoed his dishonest voice if he knew the business of the aforementioned insurgents, but whosoever is the brain behind his statement should gather his facts, before throwing stone at an eminent Christian Community that were peacefully practicing their religion.

We are aware of the atrocities committed by the Abattoir members, even though the Abattoir caters for peoples from all religious background but their activities was as well balanced on humane acts that was misguiding the Government and the security personnel. Those made the work difficult to people that were ready to wage war against the insurgents. As a matter of urgency, the government should thoroughly and impartially investigate the credibility of their membership or else they would jeopardized the entire effort of Governor Kashim Shettima in training Civilian JTF to serve as active work force.

It may interest the public to know that, the Abattoir members have tainted the good work of Maiduguri Civilian JTF by creating a Fake Civilian JTF. Some group of people mostly butchers in Maiduguri abattoir, went home and formed a so called Civilian JTF whose agenda was quite different from that of original Civilian JTF we know in Maiduguri. Some among their activities includes arresting Christian youths on baseless allegations without specific accusation. We have full documentation of Abattoir members that joined Civilian JTF with political motive to protect the insurgents, maltreat the Christian Politicians and sabotage the effort of Military operations. We were told by living witness that, some members of so-called Gwoza Civilian JTF who were mostly members of Abattoir went and arrested Four dedicated Christians and labeled them as BOKO HARAM. Till date, we were not told where they were taken to. Amongst those arrested was Former Vice Chairman of Gwoza Local government just because he is a Christian. Those that went and arrested them were; KALAKWA GWASA, HAMZA MAMADU MBASUWE, BOSE MAMADU MBASUWE, AUDU GUJELGO, USMAN BUBA GADAYA, HAMMAN IBRAHIM, TADA MBIRA, ARUSHE IBRAHIM NGWALAHE, MUSA UMARU DRAWA, DAUDA SAFA, VIRINGWA BUBA GIDAYA, SULAIMAN UMARU DRAWA, FJICHEKWE BULAMA and HAMIDU IBRAHIM DUGJE all of them are members of the abattoir. If the truth is to be told, these Abattoir members couldn't have qualify to serve as Civilian JFT since they were not directly recruited by due process.

We strongly have no apology for calling the Abattoir a breeding ground for Boko Haram, and we totally condemned the magnanimity of granting N25, 000,000.00 to National Butchers association at a time like this. If the Government's intention and aim is to promote Small Scale entrepreneurship, then assisting such kind of group with crude agenda is uncalled for. GCCA is not therefore out to taint anyone's image, but to raise her voice over the plight of its members for justice and fair hearing over its claims so that the government, human right organizations, security and general public will be enlightened and take appropriate measures in bringing to an end the long activities of the Boko Haram.

We demand to call on General Officer Commanding (GOC) 7 Division of Nigerian Army, Maiduguri, to investigate our claims if at all we were only making mere claims to taint the image of the Butchers from Gwoza in Borno State. Let the media call on our organization for press briefing and get full documentation of the Political cabals that were supporting the Abattoir miscreants. We need to know how far Human right activist have gone in rescuing the innocent Christians that were apprehended by so-called Civilian JFT in Gwoza, those arrested were, Matthias Ibrahim Ndasa (Teacher) Samaila Ayuba Tangwaya (Farmer) Saimaila Ayuba Gwaya (Self Employed Youth) Obadiah Wasuwe (Business Man) and Bukar Musa Barawa (Former Vice Chairman, Gwoza LGA). Can somebody tell us why these people were arrested, tortured, molested, humiliated and detained till date?

Elder, Ayuba J. Bassa
(GCCA National Coordinator)

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Gwoza Christian Community Association is duely registered in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission. We are a non-profit and non-governmental organization which is guided and governed by a constitution.
The Association was formed by people of like mind who were determined to make their community and humanity at large better than how they met it. Membership is open to all who share our aims and objectives.

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