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23th August, 2016

The Chief of Defence Staff,
Defence Headquarters,

Dear Sir,

We wish to commence by appreciating you most sincerely for releasing our members, Sunday Dauda Takaya, Akila Ayuba and Patrick Habila after absolving them of the fabricated and unfounded allegation of being member of Boko Haram. They were all released to us on Wednesday, 17th August, 2016.

However, sir, having extended your arms of grace to us, we wish to further plead for more. Our plea is as follows:
1) On the 27/5/16, at about 3:00pm, one Kallamu Hamidu who hails from Cikide Balga in Gwoza Local Government and also a member of the Boko Haram was arrested by our members and Civilian JTF in Conjunction with the army intelligence officer of Dodan Barracks, Lagos.
2) One of our member, Mr. Yahaya Filibus (Charly) was the one who personally grabbed the said Kallamu Hamidu and handed him over to the team who took him to the Barracks.
3) We knew Mr. Kallamu Hamidu right from the village as an active member of Boko Haram and the atrocities he committed in Gwoza East villages of Barawa, Cikide, Sabon-Gari and environs.
4) He ran to Lagos to hide but unfortunately for him he felt into the hands of those who knew him as a member of the Boko Haram.
5) He even confessed to the military in Lagos that he served as an informant to the Boko Haram.
6) After that incident, the members of our Association at Lekki, Itiosa Local Government of Lagos State became friends and partners in progress with the military in the fight against insurgency.
7) But on the 4/6/16 Mr. Yahaya Filibus (Charly) was arrested at Lekki Itiosa Local Government of Lagos state by two soldiers who came from Bony Camp Cantonment on the allegation that he was also a member of Boko Haram Member, which a malicious lie, it is just a ploy to harm him for his role in the arrest of Kallamu Hamidu.
8) Our GCCA officials in Lagos, Mr. Ezra Sunday and Bassa Ibrahim Ndasa went on our behalf to Dodan Barrack's at Obalande in Lagos to report the matter.
9) They met one RSM Lucky and complained to him about the disappearance of Mr. Yahaya Filibus wherein he called Boni Camp Army Cantonment and requested for Yahaya Filibus to be brought to him, he was consequently brought the next day.
10) On that day, one Major and the RSM interrogated Yahaya Filibus and released him to our GCCA officials in Lagos after they duly ascertained that he is not a Boko Haram member as falsely alleged.
11) On Monday 15/8/16, at about 11:00pm, three people, including one army officer in uniform, a Military Intelligence officer in mufti and one who claimed to be a civilian JTF came to arrest Mr. Yahaya Filibus again.
12) They met Mr. Yahaya Filibus in his house sleeping and in the process of arresting him, the civilian JTF tied his neck with a rope.
13) Suddenly an alarm was raised and neighbors came out to inquire why he was been arrested because the officers came in a Toyota Sienna car instead of the regular military van.
14) The officers said they needed him to assist them in identifying someone at the Barracks and the people asked why they tied his neck if they needed his assistance.
15) When the said officers could not provide an answer, the community then resisted the abduction of Mr. Yahaya Filibus.
16) Surprisingly, the civilian JTF confessed that they were sent from Maiduguri.
17) The army Intelligence officer then called for reinforcement and suddenly a team of army came and started firing sporadically. They shot 3 people, one is a Michika man from Adamawa, the second person is from Gwoza and the third is a Yoruba man, but thank God they are all alive.
18) They arrested three others namely: Mathew John, Dauda Yusuf and Abubakar Isa who all hail from Gwoza.
19) The next day Mr. Yahaya and our GCCA officials went to Sarkin Hausawa HRH Alhaji Mai Mustapha (08033332244) and told him all that had happened the previous night and they asked him to go with Mr. Yahaya Filibus to the Military to find out why they were looking for him and then bring him back.
20) However, HRH Alh. Mai Mustapha took Mr. Yahaya Filibus to Ikeja and handed him over to Captain Hassan, an intelligence Military officer.
21) Up till now, Mr. Yahaya’s fate is still unknown and we have not heard anything about him again.
22) We also learnt that the securities are in search of one of our member in the person of Mr. Basa Ibrahim Ndasa for reasons we do not know but at your request we shall provide him.
23) We will be highly grateful if the case of Mr. Yahaya Filibus will be looked into and his innocence or culpability decided accordingly. Same for our members Mathew John and Dauda Yusuf. Also Mr Abubakar Isa though not our member but we knew him right from home in Gwoza as peaceful and gentle and has no criminal record.
24) We honestly believe that his arrest is a ploy to compromise the fight against insurgency which the military is winning.
25) We also implore you to investigate the incessant arrest and detention of our members for their immense contribution to the securities in the ongoing war against insurgency.
26) We believe that our humble plea will be considered and given effect.

Thank You.

Yours faithfully

Elder Ayuba John Bassa
GCCA National Coordinator

Rev. Filibus K. Goma
Former EYN President
Chairman BOT GCCA

1) The Chief of Defence Intelligence, Defence Inteligence Agency Headquarters, Asokoro, Abuja.
2) The Chief of Army Staff, Defence Headquarters, Abuja.

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